Granda, Isabel


María Isabel “Chabuca” Granda was born on September 3,1920, in a copper mining area in the region of Apurímac, in Peru. Early in her career her work was expressive and picturesque – evoking the romantic and beautiful neighborhood of Barranco in Lima, with its grand French houses with impressive entrances and winter gardens. She broke the conventional rhythmic structure of the waltz, later broke convention with her poetic cadences as well. Towards the end of her career, Chabuca Granda incorporated Afro-Peruvian rhythms into her work. She masterfully blended the suggestive and colorful rhythms into her work, enriching Peruvian popular music. In 1983 she dies in Fort Lauderdale due to health complications. Granda's song "La Flor De La Canela" has become an anthem for the city of Lima.

Published Works