Martínez Compañón, Baltasar (1738-1797)


Baltasar Martínez Compañón (1738-1797). Between 1782 and 1785, Baltasar Martínez Compañón y Bajanda, Bishop of Trujillo, made a number of official visits within his diocese, resulting in a record of nine volumes of watercolours illustrating the natural landscape, daily life and architecture of his bishopric.In this codex, known as the Trujillo del Perú, we also find 19 musical works that were collected in the streets of the villages he visited. There are many reasons for treating this collection of music as indispensable to any attempt at understanding the history of Latin American music. Being part of an oral tradition, these pieces would never have come down to us in their original form if it had not been for this collection.

Published Works