Junchaya, Rafael L. (b. 1967)


Peruvian composer, orchestral conductor and music researcher, was born in Lima in 1965. Started piano lessons in 1973 with Ivonne Schiaffino and continued at the National Conservatory with Eduardo Bolaños (violin) and Norma Sosa (Theory) between 1975 and 76. In 1983 began studying Architecture at the National Engineering University in Lima, where he also became a member of the chorus. In 1988 comes back to the National Conservatory to study Composition, quitting the university next year. Since 1990 until 2002 worked at Radio Filarmonía (formerly Sol Armonía), conducting several programs, among them, “Crescendo” (1993). In 1992 travelled to La Serena, Chile, to attend the 4th Contemporary Music Encounter-Latin American Courses and Workshops, where he gave a workshop on MIDI instruments. He studied orchestral conducting with Miguel Harth-Bedoya between 1994 and 1996 and visited New York City in 1995 for complementary training. He later attended courses in orchestral conducting at the National Conservatory in Lima, between 2000 and 2003, with Eduardo García-Barrios. Also attended an orchestral conducting workshop at the National Symphony in 2002 with David McKenzie. Junchaya has been invited to conduct the National Conservatory Symphony Orchestra (1994, 2002 and 2003 as guest, and 2004 as principal), Symphony Orchestra of Trujillo (Peru, 1996, 1999), the Summer Workshop Orchestra, which he co-founded (1996) and has been principal conductor of “La Filarmónica” Orchestra between 2005 and 2007. He has been a teacher of Analysis, Music History and Composition at the Regional Conservatory “Carlos Valderrama” of Trujillo (1998–99), the National Conservatory in Lima (2000–07), the San Martín University Institute of Arts (2006–07) and the Peruvian Air Force (2007). His compositions have been premiered in several concerts and recitals in Peru and abroad. Among his works, it can be mentioned: Yaraví for violin or viola and piano, Piano Prelude Op.1, Picaflor esmeralda and Ave Maria for chorus, Estancias II for voice and string quartet, Variantes motímbricas for clarinet, trumpet and synteziser, Marsyatikos for flute and piano, Three Episkenic Dances, for clarinet, sax and piano, Concerto Silvestre for bass clarinet and orchestra, and Symphonic Movement, Esquisse and Varidanzas for orchestra. He has also created several electroacoustic pieces, like Piedra del Q'osqo, Ccoyllurcha, In-vita, Die Erscheinung, Sevoc Anatos and Tambok. Junchaya has been awarded two composition prizes, at the 2005 Composers Kombat, in USA (for Magnificat for two sopranos, flute, oboe and horn) and in Lima the National Conservatory Anniversary Prize in 2006 for Varidanzas. At present moment, Rafael L. Junchaya is researching for a Musicology PhD thesis on musical composition at the University of Helsinki, Finland, where he is also a lecturer on Peruvian music.

Published Works