Errázuriz, Sebastián (b. 1975)


Born in Santiago, Chile in 1975. His musical initiation developed from a young age, participating in choruses and studying guitar and harmony in the Academy Projazz and with private tutors. He did professional studies in composition in the Professional Institute, Modern School of Music and subsequently obtained the degree of Master of Arts in the University of Chile. His principal teachers have been: Juan Orrego-Salas, Guillermo Rifo, Jorge Martínez, Luis José Recart, Aliocha Solovera, and Toly Ramírez. Since 1999 his works have been programmed in Chile’s major orchestras, such as the Santiago Philharmonic Orchestra, Chilean Symphony Orchestra, National Youth Symphony Orchestra, Modern Orchestra, Chilean Chamber Orchestra, University of Concepción Symphony Orchestra, Camerata Los Andes, and Orquesta Mayor, among others. He has been commissioned by renowned soloists to write chamber music in various formats for concerts throughout Chile and abroad. His catalogue includes more than 35 diverse works. Among his awards are: First Place, “Jorge Peña Hen” Composition Competition for his symphonic work “La Caravana", 2003; El Sábado Magazine Young Leaders Prize, 2004; Medal of the 150th Anniverary Season of the Municipal Theater of Santiago, 2007; Diario Financiero prize for Successful Youth, 2008; Prize of the Circle of Art Critics, 2008; Altazor Prize, 2009. He has participated in the country’s main contemporary music festivals, as well as participating in the 150th Anniversary Season of the Municipal Theater of Santiago with his symphonic work “Historia del Tempo.” His work has also been selected on two occasions during “Season of Discovery “of the Chilean Symphony Orchestra. His work as composer and producer provides more than 10 recordings, among which are: “Música Descubierta” (FONDART 2003); “Música y Poesía” (Sello EM); “Viola Chilena del siglo XXI” (FONDART 2001); “Cuarteto Iniesta” (FONDART 2003), “Siete proposiciones y un epílogo” (MusicActual 2008), “Viento Blanco” (Oveja Negra 2009), as well as music for film and theater. He studies conducting with Maestro Eduardo Browne. He is director and founder of the collective "Los Musicantes de Projazz.” He also serves as the Director of Composition Careers in the Projazz Professional Institute. In March 2008 he premiered his opera “Viento Blanco” in the Teatro Municipal in Santiago with high praise from critics and the public. He is a member of the board of the National Association of Composers of Chile. For more information on Sebastian Errázuriz please visit:

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