What is the process to request a rental?

Please fill out the following form to submit your rental request with the following details: 

  • Composer
  • Work Title
  • Ensemble
  • Conductor
  • Date(s) of performance(s)
  • Number(s) of performance(s)
  • Performance venue(s)
  • Date materials requested by (8 weeks prior to first performance is our standard delivery timeframe)
  • String count by desk
  • Number of scores
  • Shipping address and addressee
  • Billing address and addressee
  • Preferred method of payment
  • Will this performance be streamed? If so, please provide the following details:
    • Which platform(s) will you be streaming?
    • Will this stream be a live stream, broadcast, or pre-recorded and released? Or a combination?
    • Will there be a charge to access this stream/recording? If so, what will the charge be per stream?
    • For how long would you like the stream/recording to be available (days, weeks, months, indefinitely?)

Are scores included with rentals?

We provide scores on a sales basis so that ensembles or conductors can keep the scores in their library. 

What is the rental period?

We provide our rental music on an eight (8) week period. Should your ensemble need the rental for a longer period, please indicate this on the rental request and we will attempt to accommodate these requests. 

When are rentals due back?

Rentals should be returned within ten (10) business days following the final contracted performance. 

What is the rental return address?

Rentals should be returned to:

FILARMONIKA Music Publishing
1300 Gendy St
Suite 210
Fort Worth, TX 76107