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The Enrique Iturriaga Collection

The Enrique Iturriaga Collection

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    Discover the essence of Peruvian music through The Enrique Iturriaga Collection from FILARMONIKA Music Publishing. This collection is a tribute to one of Peru's most esteemed composers and music educators, Enrique Iturriaga.

    Born in 1918, Iturriaga's compositions have been instrumental in shaping the musical landscape of Latin America. His works embody a unique blend of traditional Peruvian influences and modern composition techniques, creating a sound that is both distinctive and relatable.

    In this collection, you will find a selection of Iturriaga's most notable pieces. Each composition tells a story, capturing the spirit, vibrancy, and cultural richness of Peru. The pieces are as diverse as they are beautiful, ranging from tranquil melodies to dynamic harmonies, reflecting Iturriaga's versatility as a composer.

    Whether you're a seasoned music enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of Latin American compositions, The Enrique Iturriaga Collection offers a unique opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the depth and breadth of Peruvian music. This journey through Iturriaga's musical legacy is not just about listening to music, but also about experiencing the cultural richness and vibrancy of Peru through its sounds.

    This collection is a testimony to Enrique Iturriaga's contribution to music and a reflection of Filarmonika's commitment to promoting music from Latin America and beyond.
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